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  • Where is LegalWise Ph based?
    LegalWise Ph is based in the Philippines, a country with a globally recognized workforce. Filipino professionals are present in numerous countries across the globe and are highly regarded by known healthcare professionals, businesses and law firms due to our exceptional loyalty and strong work ethic.
  • What is the monitoring system for the LegalWise Ph Virtual Assistant?
    Your LegalWise Virtual Assistant is required to provide an End of the Day (EOD) work summary to ensure the completion of all tasks and projects as per the established standards. Additionally, LegalWise uses time tracking software, which grants you access to the recorded working hours of your LegalWise Virtual Assistant.
  • Confidential Healthcare Business & Law Firm Information
    We acknowledge the high degree of confidentiality associated with healthcare business & law firms. Our LegalWise Virtual Assistants are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, which strictly prohibits them from disclosing any information pertaining to you, their colleagues, or the firm itself.
  • What would be the protocol in the event that my LegalWise Virtual Assistant requires a leave of absence, including sick leave?
    All sick leave or time off is unpaid, as our LegalWise Virtual Assistants receive compensation at a fixed rate. However, U.S. holidays are considered paid leave.
  • Can I hire more than 1 LegalWise Ph Virtual Assistant?
    Yes, you are welcome to hire more than one LegalWise Virtual Assistant. We do not impose any restrictions on the number of LegalWise Virtual Assistants you can hire, as our primary commitment is to prioritize your needs as our valued client. You have the flexibility to choose between full-time or part-time LegalWise Virtual Assistants to best align with your needs.
  • Is it possible for me to cancel the services of, or replace, my LegalWise Virtual Assistant?
    If the LegalWise Virtual Assistant does not align well with the needs of your law firm or business, you are welcome to cancel or replace your Legal Virtual Assistant anytime at no additional cost. However, we recommend allowing a minimum of three months for the LegalWise Virtual Assistant to integrate fully into your system, thus ensuring a fair evaluation before considering a replacement.
  • When is your billing cycle?
    We bill our clients every last Monday of the Month, and they have the flexibility to make payments via Wise or direct bank transfer.
  • Do you have a referral program?
    Yes, we do. It is an honor for us to receive referrals from our clients, and as a gesture of gratitude, we offer a referral reward in the form of a discount on your next week's bill.
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