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Legal Virtual Assistant

Introducing the ideal solution for your Law Firm: the Legal Virtual Assistant. Expertly versed in legal intricacies, they're your ultimate support. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to streamlined success with a Legal Virtual Assistant by your side. Delegate tasks such as:

Draft Legal Documents
Legal Writing
Legal Research
Law Firm Reception Handling
Law Firm Email and Calendar Management
Legal Case Management
Legal Administrative Tasks

Legal Business
Virtual Assistant

Is your law firm in need of marketing and admin assistance? Meet your new VAs– our Legal Business Virtual Assistants. Experienced in law firm operations, they're ready to boost your reach, enhance social media presence, generate leads, and streamline client services. Delegate tasks such as:

Law Firm Social Media Management
Law Firm Executive Assistant
Law Firm Client Service
Law Firm Graphic Designer
Law Firm Appointment Setting
Law Firm Lead Generation
Law Firm Email Marketing
Law Firm Video Editing
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100% Client Satisfaction

Unleash the power of peace of mind with LegalWise Ph 

If your satisfaction falters, we've got your back. No extra fees, no hassle – just seamless replacement. Your business well-being is our priority, and if things don't add up, we'll fix it for you. Because success is a journey best traveled without worry.

However, we recommend allowing a minimum of (3) three months for the LegalWise Virtual Assistant to integrate fully into your system, thus ensuring a fair evaluation before considering a replacement.

Discovery Call

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Matching Session

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Have a personalized consultation with Charis to identify tasks you can delegate to your LegalWise Virtual Assistant, allowing you to focus on C-level responsibilities and drive business growth.

After identifying your business needs, we will match you with 2-3 experienced LegalWise Virtual Assistants who require little to no training. This gives you a broad selection to choose from, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your business.

This is the moment to delegate tasks to your chosen LegalWise Virtual Assistant. Rest assured, our team will monitor your VA to ensure the high-quality work you deserve. 

The Game-Changer for Your
Law Firm's Success

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LegalWise Virtual Assistants

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Expertise Tailored to Your Needs

You have the freedom to select a LegalWise Virtual Assistant whose skills and experience perfectly match your firm's specific requirements. This tailored approach guarantees that you receive specialized assistance precisely where it's needed.

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Global Talent Pool Access

LegalWise Virtual Assistants can be sourced from around the world, such regions like the Philippines. This global reach allows you to tap into a diverse talent pool, ensuring that you find the ideal match for your firm's needs within LegalWise.

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Scaling your team becomes a straightforward process with LegalWise Virtual Assistants. You can effortlessly adjust your support resources to meet fluctuations in your firm's workload, whether that means expanding during busy periods or streamlining during quieter times.

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Work Hour Flexibility

LegalWise Virtual Assistants are highly adaptable when it comes to work hours. They can seamlessly align with your firm's needs, including accommodating different time zones or working outside traditional office hours. This flexibility ensures that support is available when you need it most.

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LegalWise Virtual Assistants often offer a more budget-friendly option for your firm compared to hiring an In-House Legal Assistant. This allows you to save on expenses such as physical office space, equipment, and employee benefits, enabling you to allocate resources towards the growth and enhancement of your law firm.

In-House Legal Assistants

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Added Operational Costs

In-House Assistants needs dedicated office space and equipment, which can result in increased operational overhead expenses.

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Local Talent Pool

Your ability to recruit Legal Assistants is typically limited to your local area. This constraint may restrict your access to specialized skills or diverse talents that could perfectly match your Law Firm's unique needs.

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Added Administrative Responsibilities

As the employer, you bear the responsibility of managing administrative tasks, overseeing your Legal Assistant's benefits, and ensuring compliance with labor laws.

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Rigid Working Arrangements

In-House Assistants often adhere to fixed working hours, which may be disrupted by factors like traffic or leaves. This lack of flexibility can pose challenges when urgent tasks arise or when your workload experiences fluctuations.

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Costly Investment

Employing an In-House Legal Assistant can be a substantial financial commitment for your law firm. This includes adhering to minimum wage regulations in your country, offering benefits, providing office space and equipment, and potentially incurring expenses for training.

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